5 / 24 [10:34] - 2012

Air Mail

Air Mail has officially been released, today!

Get it HERE, on the App Store

Air Mail Video #1 - Controls

Air Mail Video #2 - Features

Updated: 5 / 25 [18:21] - 2012

Air Mail has been out for a day now. It has been featured on the App Store as Editor's Choice. Lots of people have been buying the game and enjoying it. Reviews are being written... and Packages are being Delivered!


Here are some reviews of Air Mail:

"...Air Mail is packed with moments that will put a smile on your face."

Slide To Play, 4/4


"This is one of my favorite high-flying games on iOS."

TouchGen, 4.5/5


"...we're proud to call Air Mail one of the tablet's most visually-arresting titles."

Modojo, 4/5


"I can not stress how amazing this flying game is."

App-Score, 10/10


I want to thank everyone who has worked on this game, reviewed it or played it. It has been an awesome experience! I'm watching your scores on Game Center and Crystal...


And congratulations to SpaceX and NASA for the successful docking of the Dragon capsule at the ISS!

dragon docks with iss



3 / 12 [13:15] - 2012

Air Mail. GDC. OMG!

Last week we traveled to San Francisco for GDC 2012. It was an incredible experience. Chillingo hosted a press event where I got to demo Air Mail for a bunch of video game journalist. I had a great time and everyone loved the game!

UPDATE: The link at the end of the video is wrong, for the game site, go here:
After all the hard work and long hours we put into development it's really a treat to take our games on the road, show them off and celebrate. It's especially enjoyable when you're really proud of what your team has accomplished and you know your game is high quality and original. Here's some of the press we're getting so far:


"Air Mail, from N-Fusion and Chillingo, is an adorable Pilotwings-style flying game with an epic fantasy story to match its stunning visuals."
- slide to Play

"What popped out most about Air Mail is the huge vibrant outdoor levels; they’re simply gorgeous."
- TouchGen

"Air Mail is one of those games that's a joy just to simply play, and I found myself just getting lost in flying around and exploring the various worlds in the game."
- Touch Arcade

Air Mail plane over Wisdomland

The week was so busy I could barely catch my breath. At the end of it I was completely exhausted. But part of me didn't ever want to leave. Goodbye San Francisco!

Tylak in San Francisco


8 / 25 [17:17] - 2010

It's time to PANIC!

I'm proud to announce that Martian Panic is finally being released! This has been a long time coming. Martian Panic is an original concept developed by N-Fusion Interactive, and it is now being released for the Wii. There are two versions of the game, the standalone, and the big box that comes bundled with a plastic gun, which holds your Wii Remote and Nunchuk, rifle-style.

The game is a cartoony, arcade-shooter romp through a 1950's sci-fi inspired world (a genre near and dear to my heart). Martians are invading, cows are being abducted and it's up to you (or 1-4 players in co-op mode) to save the day.

I could go on and on about the game because I'm really happy with it, but I'll save my breath and just say: go buy the game, you'll enjoy it!





1 / 28 [19:03] - 2010


Warhammer 40k

I've gotten back into Warhammer 40k. Here is my Imperial Guard army in progress. If you're interested, you should check them out.




12 / 17 [19:24] - 2009


Glitch Machine

Download it now (6.17MB)

This is the first public release, v.23. Please send me feedback:





12 / 17 [19:12] - 2009

Amazing that this is only my second post of the year. Well, there was a reason for it.

I have been very busy:

This year I was fortunate enough to work on two Wii games from concept to completion. It was a long and challenging journey, but from my experience, it always is.

Pick up Medieval Games if you want to play a four person party game with a gameboard. I suggest you play with all human players if possible!

Pick up Circus Star if you have a Wii Balance Board and you're looking for something a little more colorful than Wii Fit.

And I'm still busy right now, just taking a moment to finally update the site. I'm planning on taking some time off for Christmas to visit my family. I can only hope that next year I continue to have the opportunity to keep making games, every day.




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