This exciting new section of TYLAK.COM is devoted to

my really important opinion about things.

Quite possibly the dorkiest thing you can do on the internet is create a webpage like this. But in fact, I seem to find myself reading other ppl's opinion pages from time to time (and seeing what an idiot they are) and think to myself how nice it would be if I could post my opinions (so someone else could read it and see what an idiot I am).

I will do my best to avoid hot-button social and political views (even though I post them in youtube video comments daily) and focus on more pedestrian topics. Mainly I'd like to post personal reviews of games and movies I play or watch.

Working in video game development means that I make an effort to pay attention to the games and movies out there. Strangely though,

I am not what you would consider an early adopter.

The opposite is actually more accurate. There seems to be just as many interesting movies (and games to a lesser extent) created before my time as there are being made currently. I like to contrast old and new ideas because I think the best ideas are somewhere inbetween.

Things I have written about :

Team Fortress 2

Things I would like to write about :

Paper Mario
SNL 75-76
GTA San Andreas
DoD Source


Fortress Forever
Warcraft III
Jagged Alliance 2
The Descent
Donkey Konga
Bill Murray

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