Hi, I'm Tylak!

Me standing by an Nfusion sign

My name is Tyler Munden and I am a video game designer living in Red Bank, New Jersey. I work at a game development studio in Manalapan, NJ called N-Fusion Interactive.

Here's Red Bank :

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I was born in London, Ohio and lived there until I finished High School. Then I moved to Orlando, Florida and studied at Full Sail where I recieved an Associates Degree in Computer Animation.

After that I went to work for 2015 inc. in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I moved back home after the company downsized.

I lost my job.

After a brief stay back in Ohio I moved to New Jersey to work at N-Fusion Interactive. I have been living and working here for over 2 years now and have learned far more than I could have ever learned in school.

Here is a diagram of the places I have lived.

Seriously, wtf.