I don't have any illusions about being a rockstar.

I just want to make that clear. For me, making music is about having fun. I keep a very basic recording setup in my living room so whenever I feel the urge I can easily lay down some tracks. I usually start by sequencing some percussion in Fruity Loops. Then I'll record a bass guitar part. After that I just experiment. I frequently lay down track after track until I find a combination that I like. Then I'll mix the tracks, possibly add addition effects and stereo balancing in Vegas Video.

My music is generally regarded as bad...

but I have fun recording it and sharing it. Some people really like it. The way I feel is that if I could at least inspire someone to record something better, then I've done a good thing!

Here you can find my last album, Nice Trylak, as well lots of other clips and my next album in progress Newlack.




The cover of Nice Trylak was derived from a sketch I drew inspired by Audrey II.


Nice Trylak

Near Christmas 2006 I got the idea to produce an album. I had been recodring music for a few years so I already had a lot of material sitting around. My biggest fear was that at some point the recordings would be lost and I would regret not saving them.

So I cut up some old jam sessions and mixed them together with some newly recorded songs and organized the whole thing as a 23 track CD. I was pretty happy with the final result even though the music and recordings are not high quality. Nice Trylak is exactly the album I wanted to make.

check it out