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Introducing the IVORY GUARD

The IVORY GUARD is an elite space-faring army charged with the responsibility of pacifying planets that threaten the IMPERIAL FLEET.

Their barracks is located in a mobile space station that accompanies the fleet as it travel across the galaxy.

All troops are trained in zero gravity combat as well as traditional terrestrial tactics.

Here, the Iron Blood Marines supervise the IVORY GUARD's first field day, held on 1/23/2010.

The troops assume a picketline formation and practice firing, issuing and receiving orders.

Infantry Squad #1 wins the 30 meter dash to the objective while the other units provide cover.

New recruits are inducted into the guard under the watchful eye of Iron Blood Marine's senior staff.

Honour, Courage, Duty

For the Emperor!


Appeals for mercy, surrender or forgiveness may be filed at tylak@tylak.com